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Posted by: Leah Kohlman on Monday, August 12, 2019

NAR Leadership Week is held August 11 – 16 in Chicago. Each year our President Elect attends the Leadership Summit with our Executive Officer for the 3-day Leadership Summit portion of this conference. President Elect, Ryan Desch is looking forward to attending the Leadership Summit with our Executive Officer Rob Hulse this year.

Rob says “The NAR Leadership Summit is a fantastic opportunity for the incoming President to immerse themselves into current industry issues and trends that are important to REALTORS® at all three levels of the association (national, state, and local). The President-Elect for the National Association outlines the priorities for the coming year with the help of their leadership team and NAR’s staff. Because attendees include each President-Elect and their Association Executive (AE) for both the local and state associations across the country, this is a perfect opportunity to learn together and from one another.”

We asked Ryan why he thought attending this summit with our Executive Officer will be beneficial to his time as LBOR President he said, “Rob Hulse is the rock that the LBOR foundation rests upon. He's been attending NAR events with Board leadership for 10 years now. The man knows the ropes and knows how to focus the time we have at events like NAR's Leadership Summit to maximize the investment of time and resources spent there. Rob's leadership has been a key to building such a dedicated and active local association. Success as a leader is all about listening. Attending events like the Leadership Summit with Rob are a great opportunity to share our own successes while also learning from others and continuing to develop leadership skills as well.” 

Rob & Ryan at NAR Leadership Summit 2019

When asked why it is important for the President Elect to attend this Summit Rob said,  “The Summit really marks the official  beginning of each new President’s term, while  they ramp up and prepare for their year ahead. While at the Summit, Ryan and I will  be listening and learning from incredibly successful and talented speakers and  teachers, with great industry insight. Very soon we’ll  be building the 2020 LBOR  Leadership Team. The information we learn at the summit will be put to great use as we bring the outgoing and incoming LBOR leaders together to discuss LBOR’s priorities  and the strategic plan.

Another outcome of the Summit is that Ryan and I will coordinate and focus on exactly how we’re going to get the work of the  association done! This is a perfect time for us to establish very clear expectations of one another, to discuss our roles and specific  responsibilities, to review communication preferences, and to discuss questions or unknowns that either Ryan or I have on our mind.      

And finally, an added benefit of the Summit is the fact that our state President-Elects are gathered in one place. It’s so important to get to know one another, become comfortable with each other, and explore ways we can collaborate and work together. Knowing a peer in the same situation as you, that you can reach out to can be very helpful.”

When asked what he is looking forward to most about the NAR Leadership Summit Ryan said, “One of the more difficult functions of an association leader is membership outreach and engagement. I'm looking forward to learning more about effective communication ideas, techniques, and resources to bring back and implement for the Lawrence Board of REALTORS®. We have a wonderfully engaged membership in Lawrence and we function more like an association several times our size. This foundation relies upon years of dedicated leadership attending events like the Leadership Summit and bringing back the tools to make us so successful locally.”

Rob says that ultimately, it’s about the membership!

“Ryan and his leadership team will be ready to serve the needs of the members. The more we can equip our leaders with tools, resources and training, the better they can take care of our members.  We’re lucky to have such great leaders, and that includes your President-Elect Ryan Desch. His commitment and involvement both locally and with KAR already have him ahead of the pack and poised to lead! Having worked closely with Ryan, I am extremely confident that he’ll do a fantastic job leading us as we work the LBOR’s strategic plan.”

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