Housing Affordability

As the City of Lawrence works to update the Comprehensive Planning Guide Horizon 2020, now being called Horizon 2040, the Lawrence Board of REALTORS® remains concerned about increasing costs for home owners. New mandates on developers to produce a “Community Benefit” at annexation will only further exacerbate housing affordability in Lawrence and Douglas County. The Lawrence Board of REALTORS® Governmental Affairs Committee with Governmental Affairs Director Danielle Davey, and Chairperson John Esau, are working hard to communicate the LBOR’s concerns about Housing Affordability in Lawrence & Douglas County.

Click here to read the LBOR White Paper on Housing Affordability in Horizon Plan 2040.

The City of Lawrence is crafting language for a new Comprehensive Planning Guide that will replace Horizon 2020, now named Horizon 2040.  This new plan separates areas for growth into 3 tiers; Tier 1 includes all available building lots currently in the City limits (infill); Tier 2 is the area immediately adjacent to the City limits that has been identified by the City as the urban growth area; and Tier 3 is that area outside of the City limits and beyond the urban growth area. 

 The new plan, Horizon 2040, will require development in Tier 2 to include a “Community Benefit” as a condition of annexation.  The required “Community Benefit” could include price-fixed units, a land donation, or a cash donation to the City’s Housing Trust Fund in order to be annexed and receive basic city services.

 The LBOR Governmental Affairs Committee & Board of Directors has prepared an Editorial to explain how this proposed policy will negatively impact housing affordability for all in Lawrence and Douglas County.

View the Editorial Here!