Becoming effective on June 4, 2018 the method of submitting Listing Docs will change.

Listing Docs (Listing Agreements & Change Forms) for new listings will be uploaded into the Paragon System instead of emailed to When Listing Docs are uploaded they will be assigned a Limited Visibility Type (LVT), which will determine whether or not other agents and companies can see the document that has been uploaded.

• Change Forms will be uploaded into Associated Docs, using Document Type “Change Form,” for changes that are germane to the Listing Agreement; i.e., price changes & listing extensions

• SOLD Notices will no longer be required – the input of SOLD info into Paragon will satisfy current MLS Rules & Regulations.



• Change SOLD Non-Member to SOLD Non-Member LA (listing agent) – When selected, the List Agent/Agency will auto fill to Non-Member, and then is submitted to LMLS Staff for approval

• Add SOLD Non-Member SA (selling agent)



NEW – Limited Visibility Types of Associated Docs in Paragon

Visibility Values

  • All MLS = All Paragon Users with Access
  • LA = Listing Agent
  • LB = Listing Broker (Includes Broker Staff)
  • LO = Listing Office (All Agents, Broker, and Staff)
  • MLS Staff = Lawrence Multiple Listing Service Staff


Document Type Short Description Visibility
Change Form CF LA, LB, MLS Staff
Covenants & Restrictions CR All MLS
Floorplan FP All MLS
Franchise Agreement FA All MLS
Home Inspections HI All MLS
Home Owner's Association HOA All MLS
Listing Agreement* LA LA, LB, MLS Staff
Lead Based Paint Disclosure LBP All MLS
Miscellaneous In-House MIH LA, LB, LO, MLS Staff
Miscellaneous Private MPv LA, LB, MLS Staff
Miscellaneous Public Mpv All MLS
Plat Map PM All MLS
Relocation Documents RO All MLS
REO Documents REO All MLS
Seller's Property Condition Disclosure SD All MLS
SOLD Notice SN LA, LB, MLS Staff



  • A Listing Agreement is required to be uploaded into Associated Docs in Paragon, with Document Type of IMMEDIATELY at the time of Listing Input (along with your Seller’s Disclosure and Photos). If not uploaded, the Paragon system will create an error message that will need to be resolved to make a new listing Active.
  • Current MLS Rules & Regulations require the Listing Agent/Broker to Submit a New Listing to the Service by midnight of the 3rd business day. This time-frame will not change.
  • The listing will be considered Submitted to the MLS Service at the point in which it is input into the Paragon System, and the Listing Agreement is uploaded into Associated Docs with Document Type Listing Agreement.*


AND LAST—NEW FIELDS WILL GIVE THE LISTING BROKER & AGENT MORE CONTROL: These new fields allow the Listing Broker/Agent to determine at the listing level, whether to Exclude or Include display of the Listing at, or display in Listing Syndication through Listhub. All listings currently Active in Paragon will be set to a value of Include when the new fields are added. Data Feed Listhub Data Feed
Exclude Exclude
Include Include