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New MLS Fields in Paragon

The following changes are now in place in the Paragon system.

Dual or Variable Rate Commission Fields

Fields now appear in Paragon to indicate whether a listing has a Dual or Variable rate commission. A Dual or Variable rate is present if the Seller pays a different commission rate if the listing agent is the selling agent, as compared to the rate paid by a Seller if a cooping agent sells the listing. If a Dual or Variable Rate exists, this must be disclosed to Cooping Agents in the MLS.

Listing Exclusions to the Exclusive Right of Sale Agreement
A field is also available in Paragon for the Listing Agent to indicate if a Listing Exclusion exists. This can occur when the Seller will not pay a Commission when a specified Buyer purchases the property. If a Listing Exclusion exists, the Listing Agent must disclose this to Cooping Agents in the MLS.


Non-Member LA & SA Fields

Two new fields now appear in Paragon to gather the Agent and Company name of the Non-Member when a Sold Status is reported using Sold Non-Member LA and Sold Non-Member SA. When using a SOLD status of Sold Non-Member LA or SA, the Name and Company of the Non-Member Selling or Listing Agent will be required.

The information gathered by the Lawrence MLS will be used to identify the Non-Member Agent and Company.

With this new information, the MLS will be able to track the names of any Non-Members who do transactions in the Lawrence MLS.


The Zillow Data Feed field has been disabled.

Zillow now received MLS Data through an IDX data feed.

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