Community Relations Committee

The Community Relations Committee plans, coordinates and implements all involvement and relationships with the Lawrence Community.

Vision Statement:  Providing gifts to assist and empower families toward self-reliance


Greta Carter-Wilson - 2018 Community Relations Committee Chairperson

Kate Carnahan - 2018 Community Relations Committee Vice-Chairperson

2018 Community Relations Committee Members

Amy Wilson Kara Perry Tori Perdue
Bev Hill Lee Beth Dever Colette Wedan - Affiliate
Danny Freeman Linda Trotter Deb Drummet - Affiliate
Deborah McMullen Mary Jones Diane Fry - Affiliate
Debra Wieden Mary Beth Titus Jessica Wollesen - Affiliate
Diane Kennedy Randy Barnes Kate White - Affiliate
Jan Miller Rob Coleman Kelsey Kreutzer - Affiliate
Jasmine Collins Ryan Desch Mark Hernandez - Affiliate
Justin Wilk Sean Richards Bethany Christesen - Staff Liason
Kaitlyn Werst Susan Bonham  

 2018 Education Committee Agendas & Minutes

5.9.2018 - Meeting Minutes 3.14.2018 - Meeting Minutes
5.9.2018 - Meeting Agenda 3.14.2018 - Meeting Agenda
4.11.2018 - Meeting Minutes 2.21.2018 - Meeting Minutes
4.11.2018 - Meeting Agenda 2.21.2018 - Meeting Agenda