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Founded in 1925 the Lawrence Board of REALTORS® has been serving our members and the community for almost 100 years. Our strategic goals include, 1; The Lawrence Board of REALTORS® will be the leading advocate for private property rights in Lawrence and Douglas County. 2; Lawrence Board of REALTORS® members will understand and see value in the association. 3; The Lawrence Board of REALTORS® will be at the forefront of our community. The Lawrence Board of REALTORS® and the Lawrence Multiple Listing Service is made up of over 600 members and affiliates.

The Lawrence Board of REALTORS® is a member-led organization, a distinction that ensures that your needs and interests are at the heart of the organization. A dedicated group of member volunteers make up your Board of Directors. The Board of Directors with the Lawrence Board of REALTORS® staff receive input and recommendations from numerous Lawrence Board of REALTORS® Committees and work groups.

The term REALTOR® is a registered service mark distinguishing the real estate professional. REALTOR® is a term trademarked by the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) and therefore may only be used by its members. The use of the REALTOR® term or logo by non-members is strictly prohibited. Improper usage may result in trademark infringement penalties.

Advocacy: Relationships with Local, State & National political and governmental sources help keep the interests of the association's members and property owners supported and protected.

Professional Development: Educational opportunities are available to all members through Local, State and National resources. The Lawrence Board of REALTORS® supports its members by providing services, educational opportunities, and information necessary to enhance the level of REALTOR® professionalism, integrity, profitability, and success.

Dispute Resolution: The REALTOR® organization prides itself on its ability to uphold professional standards of the highest integrity. REALTORS® separate themselves by abiding by a Code of Ethics that was first adopted in 1913. The Grievance and Professional Standards Committees review and address any complaints filed by members regarding violations of the Code of Ethics. 

 The Lawrence Board of REALTORS® believes in the power of relationships. As a host of meetings and events throughout the year we provide our members with numerous opportunities to connect with others in the profession and those who can assist members in their business.

  • Installation & Awards Dinner - Each January
  • Mid-Year Membership Meeting - Each June
  • Annual Membership Meeting & Housing Market Forecast - Each October

The association uses a variety of means to communicate with our members. Our Monthly Newsletter and Mid-Month Update are monthly emails to all members sharing news and information related to association. The association website:, Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn also keep members updated.

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Community Involvement:
 The Lawrence Board of REALTORS® has established a record of community involvement in multiple areas.