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Paragon Connect training February 2024, presented by ICE MLS solutions


Paragon Connect Webinars and Shorts

Paragon Connect Shorts

Learn more about Paragon Connect's best features with 20-min webinars covering specific Paragon Connect topics.

Working with results (20 min.)
Wednesday, Feb. 7th 1 p.m. CT

Near me, hotsheet, open house/tour searches (20 min.)
Thursday, Feb. 8th 1 p.m. CT

EasyCMA (20 min.)
Monday, Feb. 12th 1 p.m. CT

Adding a listing(20 min.)
Wednesday, Feb. 14th 1 p.m. CT

Maintain a listing (20 min.)
Thursday, Feb. 15th 1 p.m. CT

Adding a contact (20 min.)
Monday, Feb. 19th 1 p.m. CT

Buyer side Collaboration Center (20 min.)
Wednesday, Feb. 21st 1 p.m. CT

Sell side Collaboration Center (20 min.)
Thursday, Feb. 22nd 1 p.m. CT

The homepage (20 min.)
Monday, Feb. 26th 1 p.m. CT

Members & resources (20 min.)
Wednesday, Feb. 28th 1 p.m. CT

My content (20 min.)
Thursday, Feb. 29th 1 p.m. CT


Paragon Connect Webinars

Paragon Connect: Property searches (one hour)

Monday, Feb. 5th 1 p.m. CT


This Paragon Connect webinar focuses on how to create, run and save a search.

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Paragon Connect On-the-go (one hour)

Tuesday, Feb. 6th 1 p.m. CT


This Paragon Connect webinar focuses on how you might use Paragon Connect during a productive lunch hour.

We will look at the following Paragon Connect tools:

  • Easy CMA
  • Listing Input
  • Seller Side setup for Collaboration Center
  • Property Search
  • Buyer Side setup for Collaboration Center
  • Paragon Connect monitoring the activity of Buyers and Sellers

Collaboration Center comprehensive (one hour)

Tuesday, Feb. 20th 1 p.m. CT


This special webinar focuses on Collaboration Center Buyer Side and what they can do and Seller Side setup and what they can see.  This is a comprehensive look at Collaboration Center.

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Paragon Connect & Collaboration Center: Creating extra value for your customers (one hour)

Tuesday, Feb. 27th 1 p.m. CT


This webinar covers how Collaboration Center can add time-saving value to your customer's real estate experience as well as your own agent workflow.


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