Ready, Set, Spring Education Summit



Thursday, February 21, 2019 - DoubleTree by Hilton

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The Education Committee is excited to announce the 2019 Ready, Set, Spring Education Summit Keynote Speaker: 

     Mea Austin - Motivational Speaker, Executive Coach & Life Coach:

     "Winning the Generation Game - Boomers to GEN X, Y and Z"

     Mea is known for her high-energy level, humor, and her ability to captivate listeners. Her goal is to take the             audience beyond being “motivated” and give them a crucial moment of clarity that makes them open to new           ideas and ready for change.

                                 For more information about Mea Austin visit her website:

Breakout Session Information:

Historic Homes of Lawrence -
Our Historic Homes of Lawrence panel features five local experts willing to share their personal insight on the history of homes in Douglas County and how that history can impact your buyer or seller! This panel includes Zynne Zollner - Historic Resources Administrator for the City of Lawrence, Aaron Bailey - Attorney & Chair of the Historic Resources Commission for the City of Lawrence, Thomas Howe - REALTOR® McGrew Real Estate, Tom Harper - REALTOR® Stephens Real Estate & Sean Williams - REALTOR® Realty Executives, Hedges Real Estate!
Cyber Security 101 -
Our Cyber Security Session features Mehdi Honarvar - President & CEO - M Cubed Technologies. This session will focus on the do’s and don’t of Cyber Security.  I will be showing samples of threats and understanding why the bad guys are doing what they do including what can we do to protect our selves and our business.  M Cubed believes that education is one of the best defenses against cyber security.


How to Stay Young -  

This session features Dr. Abby Hanson - Owner & Chiropractor - The Chiropractic Element: 

Dr. Abby will be delivering a speech called How to Stay Young. This class will focus on natural ways you can take care of your body to help keep you moving long past retirement. We work hard every day to ensure that we will be able to take care of ourselves and our families during our retirement years, but many times we forget to take care of our bodies so that we can enjoy our retirement years. Many of us are already experiencing lower back and neck pain in our pre-retirement years. Dr. Abby will be teaching us her secrets of getting the body out of pain and keeping it out of pain using chiropractic care. We will also be learning some stretches that can be done anywhere to help keep the body in motion and help prevent stiffness and soreness in our daily lives. Make yourself a priority for a change and learn how you can keep yourself, and your family out of pain with Dr. Abby Hanson and The Chiropractic Element. 


Safe Work Practices: Make More Money & Keep Consumers Safe and a local REALTOR® shares her story - 

This session features "Tracey the Safety Lady" Hawkins - National Real Estate Safety Expert, Media Contributor and Professional Speaker with Safety and Security Source and a Local REALTOR®. Join Tracey for this 

Interactive, engaging and fast-moving sessions. Gain insight into NAR’s #metoo sexual harassment safety for agents and consumers, Get handouts to use with consumers: Sellers, Buyers and FSBOs, Safe screening- using technology and online resources to check potential client’s backgrounds and verify sellers, Safe showing, safe promotion and MORE, NEW! Smart home safety & security- Safely show smart homes. Hint: Be careful with video doorbells & cameras throughout the house, Safety apps and online security, Avoid online scams & ID theft prevention, Social media safety and the privacy myth and Safety product education.



Teamwork on the Fly – Everyday Tips for Working Together When Your “Team” is Everywhere! 

Teamwork is essential for real estate professionals, but the nature of our work – tight deadlines combined with a wide range of professions and personalities spread across different locations working around the clock to achieve overlapping, urgent deadlines (whew!) means conflict is always just around the corner.

In this session, we’ll explore practical communication strategies for making the most of our interactions with each other and the communication technologies we use to get the job done, whether we’re working on strategically building out our professional networks - or working feverishly to close a sale before the clock strikes midnight.

As a result of this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Define the three goals of communication in every interaction
  • Understand how our profession-specific values influence our perspective and our communication choices at work
  • Apply perspective taking and perception-checking as tools for preventing conflict and building relationships
  • Use the Virtual Distance Model to identify the hidden factors that can contribute to conflict with colleagues
  • Apply tips for choosing the right communication method for a particular message – including helpful reminders for crafting effective emails

Facilitator: Angie Pastorek, PhD, University of Kansas - Edwards Campus, Department of Communication Studies


Suggestive Selling - Painting a Mental Picture of Property Potential

This session features interior designer Christine Julian with Christine Julian Interiors. Learn how to sell with creativity, knowledge, and confidence. Help your clients see potential in properties, painting the ideal mental picture of its possibilities and gearing towards each client with these Suggestive Selling techniques. 



Where Are YOU Going in 2019 and Beyond? Planning Essentials 

How does one eat an elephant?  One bite at a time!  Often, business owners overthink the process of planning for their business.  Because they think of a business plan as some comprehensive, all-encompassing 50+ page document with pie charts and bar graphs, they often talk themselves out of getting started on the most basic of planning.  But as Benjamin Franklin once said, "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail."  We will examine the basics of thinking about framing your business for this year and the future. Facilitated by ​Will Katz, MBA, CVA, ABPA, Regional Director of Kansas SBDC.


Just Smile & Nod: A Basic Introduction to Creating & Understanding Facebook Ads 

This session will start with the basic creation of the ads Facebook offers, how to build your target audience, where to start. Don't worry, there will be plenty of time for questions!

Keep Your Friends Close but Your Facebook Targets Closer: How to stay up to date with the constant changes, rules, and trends of targeting your potential buyers and sellers

This session will be an extension of session 1 but digging into more advanced ways to be targeting the market and stand out in your industry. Again, plenty of time for questions! 

Both sessions feature Haley Thomann - CO-Founder/CMO - Open Grain Marketing


Secrets in a Snap!

The Homesnap app is the hottest Lawrence MLS tool being used in our market. In this session, local agents will take you through common and applicable scenarios using Homesnap. Presented by Drew Deck, Zach Dodson and Brian Johnson from the 2019 Technology Committee





This Event is Sponsored By Truity Credit Union