MLS Did You Know

Our Monthly Newsletter and Mid-Month Update Feature an MLS DYK (Did You know). We will post the information we share in those publications to our website so that we can build a library for all of our members to reference. Select from the list of our archived PDF and Video instructions below.

Update Your User Interface in Paragon: Select a Theme

Step One: Select Preferences in your Paragon Tool Bar

FYI - The theme featured in our step-by-step instructions is the Spring Theme!

Step Two: Select System in the Dropdown Menu

Step Three: Select User Interface from the System Preferences Menu

Step Four: Choose a Theme from the Select a Theme drop down menu! Be sure to click on the save button once you have picked your theme.

When you click on each theme you will get a preview of what your User Interface will look like after making a change.

Archived PDF and Video Did You Know Tips & Tricks

Update Your User Interface in Paragon: