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Member Communication Announcement:

Beginning in September 2019 we'll be moving toward a Monthly Memo, with a Mid-Month update. You will receive the next Monthly Memo on Tuesday, September 3rd and will continue to receive the Monthly Memo the first Tuesday of each month. The Board of Directors approved this change at their August Meeting.

Research shows that readership rates and click rates improve when frequency of this type of Member Communication is sent twice per month rather than weekly. This change will allow LBOR Staff to focus on presenting worthwhile information within the memo that will be helpful to our membership and their business. This will also allow us to build up our website to become a place where members go to find helpful information that will permanently be accessible.

If you have any suggestions or ideas on what type of content you wish to see in our Monthly Memo and Mid-Month Update please take our Survey!


As of May 2019 the weekly memo is no longer being produced in PDF Format. If you have missed an issue of the memo please contact us at and we would be happy to provide the content to you via email.

Newsletter & Weekly Memo Archives 2019

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