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Paragon Training Videos

Navigating Paragon's Home Page

Paragon's home page is full of valuable information. The home page is the first screen seen by users after logging in. Users see a fixed Home Page Message with updates from LBOR.

Learn How to Search

What is the one thing you will do more than anything else in Paragon? Searching! Once you understand the basic search functionality in Paragon, you can do any search because the features and functions are consistent.

Overview of Search Fields

Overview of Quick Search on Home Page

Working with Search Results

Contacts in Paragon

Paragon allows you to set up your clients in the system and then send them listing info in seconds, as the listings hit the market!

Adding a Contact in Paragon

Buyer Side Collaboration Center


There are a lot of settings that can be customized in Paragon to tailor your experience. 


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